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March On, Milwaukee

Educator Resources on the Milwaukee Fair Housing Marches for Grades K-12
Learn about the Society's ongoing partnership with March On, Milwaukee to commemorate the fair housing movement and to promote education on local topics.
Classroom Material

Arthur Davidson and Bill Harley

Discover the history of Arthur Davidson and Bill Harley, the boys who built the world's most famous motorcycle company
Classroom Material

Mildred Fish-Harnack

Historian, Activist and Author
Discover the history of historian, activist and author Mildred Fish-Harnack.
Classroom Material

Joshua Glover

The Man who Made a New Life for Himself
Discover the history of Joshua Glover, who escaped slavery and made a new life for himself.
Classroom Material

Cordelia Harvey

The Wisconsin Angel
Discover the history of Cordelia Harvey, the "Wisconsin Angel."
Classroom Material

Belle Case La Follette

Discover the history of Belle Case La Follete, women's suffrage activist and wife of Bob La Follette.
Classroom Material

Aldo Leopold

Discover the history of ecologist and University of Wisconsin professor Aldo Leopold
Classroom Material

Kate Pelham Newcomb

Discover the history of Doctor Kate Pelham Newcomb, founder of the Million Penny Parade.
Classroom Material

Vel Phillips

Discover the story of Vel Phillips, the first African American woman to become a judge in Wisconsin.
Classroom Material

Margarethe Schurz

America's First Kindergarten Teacher
Discover the history of Margethe Schurz, who created the United States' first kindergarten.
Classroom Material

The Real Jean Nicolet

A Companion Piece to "The Misunderstood Mission of Jean Nicolet" by Patrick J. Jung
Educational companion piece for grades 3-5 myth-busting the story of Jean Nicolet
Historical Essay

"Fighting" Bob La Follette

Governor and Progressive
Discover how Robert "Fighting Bob" La Follette and the Progressive Movement reformed state government and the Republican Party.
Historical Essay

Carr, Ezra Slocum (1819-1894)

Brief biography of University of Wisconsin chemistry and natural history professor, Ezra Slocum Carr.
Brief biography of University of Wisconsin chemistry and natural history professor, Ezra Slocum Carr.
Historical Essay

Catlin, John, 1803-1874

Brief biography of pioneer lawyer, politician and railroad man John Catlin.
Brief biography of pioneer lawyer, politician and railroad man John Catlin.
Historical Essay

Cadotte, Michael, 1764-1837

Pioneer Fur Trader
Brief biography of pioneer fur trader Michael Cadotte.
Historical Essay

Duluth [Dulhut], Daniel Greysolon Sieur (1639-1710)

Explorer and Trader
Biography of Daniel Greysolon Sieur Duluth who helped protect the Wisconsin area against raids of the Iroquois.
Historical Essay

Ely, Richard Theodore, 1854-1943

Brief bio of Richard Theodore Ely, professor, economist, social reformer and author who played a votal role in shaping the "Wisconsin Idea."
Historical Essay

Dubay (Dube), John Baptiste (1810-1887)

Fur Trader and Murderer
Biography of pioneer fur trader John Baptiste Dubay.
Historical Essay

Everest, David Clark (1882-1955)

Businessman and Historical Society President
Biography of Wisconsin businessman and president of the Wisconsin Historical Society David Clark Everest.
Historical Essay

Wilcox, Ella Wheeler (1850-1919)

Poet and Temperance Advocate
Biography of Wisconsin poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

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