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Historical Essay

Paine, Col. Halbert E. (1826-1905)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, U.S. Congressman
Brief biography of Civil War veteran and three term U.S. Congressman best remembered for disobeying orders to return fugitive slaves to their owners.
Historical Essay

Harvey, Cordelia (1824–1895)

Civil War Philanthropist, Wisconsin First Lady, Nurse, and Teacher
A brief biography of Wisconsin’s Florence Nightingale, Cordelia Harvey who was a strong voice for innovatring Civil War Military hospitals.
Historical Essay

Harvey, Gov. Louis P. (1820-1862)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Wisconsin Governor
Brief biography of Gov. Louis P. Harvey, helped organize the Republican Party in 1854, state senator from 1854-1857 and in 1862 became governor.
Historical Essay

Bailey, Col. Joseph (1826-1867)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Lumberman
Brief biography of Col. Joseph Bailey, the lumberman famous for his creative application of dams during the failed Civil War Red River Campaign of 1864.
Historical Essay

Randall, Gov. Alexander W. (1819-1872)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Lawyer, Politician, 6th Wisconsin Governor, Presidential Cabinet Member
Brief biography of lawyer, judge and politician Alexander W. Randall, who served as the sixth Governor of Wisconsin from 1858 until 1861.
Historical Essay

Bragg, Gen. Edward Stuyvesant (1827-1912)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Lawyer, Politican, "War Democrat", U.S. Congressman, U.S. Ambassador
Read about General Edward Stuybesant Bragg from Fond du Lac, who served with the Iron Brigade in the Civil War.
Historical Essay

Schurz, Carl (1829-1906)

Wisconsin Civil War Soldier, U. S. Senator, German-Language Newpaper Editor
Read about Carl Schurz, the German immigrant and political reformer who helped elect President Lincoln, fought in the Civil War, served as a U.S. Senator.
Historical Essay

King, Gen. Rufus (1814-1876)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Newspaper Editor
Brief biography of Gen. Rufus King, a leader of the famous Iron Brigade and influential newspaper editor.
Historical Essay

Old Abe, the War Eagle

Civil War Mascot, 8th Wisconsin Infantry
Read about the war eagle who served as the mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Infantry. This article contains links to original documents, images, and accounts.
Historical Essay

Cutler, Gen. Lysander (1808-1866)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer
Read about the colonel of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry who was also one of the leaders of the Iron Brigade. This article includes several links.
Historical Essay

Heg, Col. Hans Christian (1829-1863)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Politician
Read about the Norwegian immigrant who became colonel to the predominately Norwegian 15th Wisconsin Infantry during the Civil War.
Historical Essay

McArthur, Gen. Arthur (1845-1912)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Congressional Medal of Honor, Spanish-American War Soldier,
Read about the youngest colonel in the Wisconsin volunteers during the Civil War. This article includes several links.
Historical Essay

Haskell, Col. Frank A. (1828-1864)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Lawyer, Governor's Guard
Read about a very influential Civil War Colonel that served as aide-de-camp to the top commanders of the Iron Brigade. Includes inks to learn more.
Historical Essay

Hobart, Col. Harrison C. (1815-1902)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Politician, University of Wisconsin Regent
Read about one of the Democratic Party politicians around the time of the Civil War. This article details his Civil War service and contains several links.
Historical Essay

Salomon, Gov. Edward (1828-1909)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Lawyer, 8th Wisconsin Governor
Learn about the German born man who would become Wisconsin's 8th governor. This article includes links to original documents.
Historical Essay

Dawes, Col. Rufus R. (1838-1899)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Author
Learn about the Colonel who kept detailed accounts of several important battles of the Civil War.
Historical Essay

Rusk, Gov. Jeremiah M. (1830-1893)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, 15th Wisconsin Governor, U.S. Congressman
Read about Wisconsin's 15th governor. The article details his Civil War service, his role in politics, and includes links to primary and secondary sources.
Historical Essay

Cushing, Lt. Alonzo H. (1841-1863)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Medal of Honor Recipient
Read about this Wisconsin born Lieutenant's bravery during the Battle of Gettysburg. This article contains links to secondary sources and pictures.
Historical Essay

Quiner, Edwin Bryant (1816-1868)

Wisconsin Civil War Historian and Author
Read about the man who wrote the most cited book on Wisconsin's involvement in the Civil War. This article includes several links to his work.
Historical Essay

Allen, Col. Thomas S. (1825-1905)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, 9th Wisconsin Secretary of State, Newspaper Publisher
Thomas S. Allen is best remembered for his leadership of the 5th Wisconsin Infantry during the Civil War.

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